Kenny Robinson is proof that success is still possible after prison, Mr. Robinson served nearly 10 years in Federal prison and managed to form close bonds with all of the different races, religions and gangs in prison through mentoring programs that he and other inmates created. Kenny Robinson is an expert in race relations and will help clients navigate successfully with the many different races on the inside, avoid conflicts and teach you how to communicate with prison staff.


As a father of 6 children Mr. Robinson taught himself  and others how to maintain relationships with their children and family. Upon release Mr. Robinson entered the automotive business and quickly became a top salesman within a year, promoted to finance manager within 3 years and then on to become a sales manager with brands such as Mazda, Honda, BMW and Hyundai.


Mr. Robinson has extensive knowledge of all post release programs, non-profit and religious entities to assist with a smooth transition upon release. The team here at Prison Consulting Solutions have a three-tier approach to our model in that we work for our clients prior to sentencing, during incarceration and continue our services once they are released.

Mr. Robinson is also the President and Founder of Freedom Fighting Missionaries, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for, and supporting the formerly incarcerated successfully transition to back into their communities.