• Andrew McKenna

A Prosecutor's Perspective on His Own Criminal Conduct

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

What makes someone commit a crime? Every offenders' story can and should end in redemption and success.

Extreme behaviors are not uncommon in people with Type-A personalities. It’s when those behaviors become destructive through desperation that things fall apart. Whether the crimes are robbery, like Andrew’s, or white-collar offenses like fraud, securities violations such as insider trading, healthcare fraud, money laundering or conspiracy to commit the same, the wheels have come off the bus. With incarceration looming, preparation is key. Andrew learned the hard way—he was improperly classified and went to a prison so far from his home of record that his family could not visit.

With nearly 670,000 views of this VICE clip, Andrew’s story is resonating with people of all backgrounds, especially those dealing with addiction—whether it’s drugs and alcohol, money and power, sex and pornography it really doesn’t matter. When our behaviors reveal a pattern of conduct inconsistent with our value systems, trouble is on the horizon. Ask for help.

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