• Andrew McKenna

White Collar Criminal Offense

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

From Military Veteran, and Attorney to Federal Prison, knowing what to expect in Prison Culture can be the difference between life and death.

Almost all cases of criminal conduct are rooted in a few basic causes. Fear, desperation, self-esteem and greed top the list. The case of fraud, securities and exchange commission violations, internet crimes dealing in child pornography and sex trafficking.

Here Andrew speaks with Jack Ford about his experiences growing up insecure. Despite outward accomplishments with military service, education and high-level jobs, he never felt really secure—this feeling caused him to place undue pressure on himself and to drive harder and harder. To quiet his racing thoughts Andrew self-medicated with alcohol and prescriptions medications. Ultimately this ended him on the wrong side of the law. Despite his time in law enforcement, he had no idea about the importance of knowing the prison aspects of the criminal justice system. Knowledge is power after-all. Helping those charged with offenses that will likely result in imprisonment is his passion.

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