Confidential Personal Interviews and Assessments

Prison is an extremely complex and dangerous environment, and knowing the unwritten "prisoner's code" is essential to survival both with other prisoners and prison staff. Our team of experts will develop a full continuum of preparedness from the onset of criminal charges through to sentencing, your prison term and release. Every facet of your plan will be tailored to teach you to proactively avoid potentially fatal mistakes and to position yourself to receive the best possible treatment from prison staff. Having the inside knowledge from our experts will give you and your family the confidence going forward that you will survive the prison experience.


Finding Errors--Possible Immediate Release

Our experts will analyze your case to determine the best avenues available to you for post-conviction relief. These include the possibility of a direct appeal from your verdict or sentence. Post-conviction relief also includes filing a Habeas Corpus petition. Habeas Corpus is a legal mechanism where a person can claim an "unlawful detention or imprisonment" to a court and seek review and relief. Lawyers and judges often make mistakes or errors leading to conviction and incarceration. Post-conviction relief seeks to remedy those errors and can result in immediate release from incarceration. Our experts are trained to find errors and to present legal options to you and your family.


Ensure Proper Security Classification, Advantageous Prison Placement and RDAP Placement, Life Connections Program, ETC.

Perhaps the most important service we offer. A wrongly calculated security and designation can often land individuals in excessively violent prisons.The vast majority of lawyers and judges have no idea what happens to individuals after they leave for incarceration--it isn't their job to know. Our experts do. We've researched in great detail federal and state prison regulations covering security classifications, programming at individual facility including the federal RDAP (Residential Substance Abuse Program (successful participation may permit a 12-18 month sentence reduction), and medical treatment facilities. It is imperative to use the correct language and justifications to ensure your most advantageous placement. If an error is made by prison authorities, we fight to reconcile the error and get you to the right location to maximize your safety and success. We also ensure that ALL good-time credits are assessed so that you don't spend one day longer than you have to in custody.


Following release from prison you will most likely be placed in a half-way house--an unsecured facility where you will transition back to society.  It is important that your release "package" prepared by corrections personnel be done with your best interests in mind. Being released to locations hundreds of miles  from your home of record can be a nightmare for you and you family and impede your progress.


Following release from prison and a halfway house, you will be supervised for a period of time by probation departments. The length of supervision is based on the judge's order in your case, however, there are strategies that can be pursued to have your period of supervision reduced. Once again, we can help with the nuances of this intricate process. 


In myriad ways, family members of those incarceration are "doing time" right along side their loved-one. Prison Consulting Solutions distinguishes itself by providing direct 24/7 telephone support to family members in order to answer any questions and address any concerns they have during the period of incarceration and post-release supervision. Many concerns can be addressed during the call, but some might require us to contact the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Repeated calls or complaints to a warden or other prison staff from a family member can often lead to additional problems for your loved-one. We alleviate this concern by contacting the correct prison official on your behalf and advocating for your loved one if there is an issue that needs to be addressed. This is merely one example of the support and services we will provide to you during this extremely trying time. With us you are never alone.