Richard Stratton is a Prison Expert qualified to testify in federal and state courts. Having served "real time," Richard along with our other experts, distinguish themselves from purported expert consultants who have only served a few months in non-violent prison camps. Having survived and excelled during his incarceration, Richard's passion is to help others do the same by providing advice and guidance based on his actual experiences.

Richard, President of Big House Inc. a film and TV production company, was a prisoner in the Federal Bureau of Prisons (Penitentiary and Medium Security) as the result of a conviction for conspiracy to import with intent to distribute marijuana and hashish, and Continuing Criminal Enterprise. Sentenced to 25 years in 1982, he successfully litigated an appeal on grounds of illegal sentence and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ultimately vacated the sentence. Richard was released in 1990 after serving eight years.

Richard is a forensic specialist for a major New York law firm and qualified under the Rules of Evidence in state and federal court as an expert on prison culture and prison violence. He has appeared as a guest lecturer and speaker at several colleges, Harvard and Stanford Law Schools, Clarkson University and Oberlin College. He has also testified in capital prison murder cases in Texas, Oklahoma and California as well as consulted on prison-related criminal cases in Pennsylvania, Missouri,Texas, California, Utah and several other states.

In addition, Richard was the Editor & Publisher of Prison Life magazine, a national, award-winning bi-monthly publication that focused on criminal justice issues and which published work done for and by the more than two million men and women currently incarcerated in the United States.

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